White Hot De Goey's '$ 1 Million Finals Series';  The 34-year-old star continues to "absolutely fly": the ratings of Pies players

White Hot De Goey’s ‘$ 1 Million Finals Series’; The 34-year-old star continues to “absolutely fly”: the ratings of Pies players

These are two epic endings at a trot for Jordan De Goey, who adds dollars to his next contract every hour he spends on the pitch.

Plus, the Collingwood veterans are still in great shape.

We rate all 23 Collingwood players to be 10 after the semifinal match against Fremantle.

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1. Patrick Lipinski

He consistently drove the ball into 50 for his team. He won a lot on the inside ball but was also polished on the outside foot. 6

2. Jordan De Goey

Adding more dollars to his deal every minute he plays, not to mention every game he plays. All the electric game, exploding on the front of several interruptions, gaining territory for the Pies and kicking the ball with pinpoint precision. He kicked the third goal of the Magpies game. His work, in particular, on off-center rebound breaks was breathtaking, while his second attempts showed just how determined he is at the moment. Twelve of his 24 touches led to Magpies scoring. Fox Footy’s Jason Dunstall said he “loved the way he leads the midfield”, while Jordan Lewis said De Goey had “bought both sides of the ball”. 9

3. Isaac Quaynor

He raced on several Dockers attacking vehicles. Not much offensive push, but he did the job of him. 5

5. Jamie Elliott

It always loomed as an awkward match for Freo’s defense – and it materialized on Saturday night. It was a handful, both near the door and on the ground. He scored two clever goals in the first half, then produced a wonderful defensive effort in his 50 forward early last season that got the Pies fans on their feet. 7

7. Josh Daicos

The winger provided his team with ample forward momentum, especially early in the match when it was up for grabs. 7

8. Trento White

Team up for Taylor Adams. He used the ball efficiently with his foot. It will be interesting to see if he keeps his bench seat for the preliminary final. 6

9. Giovanni Nobile

He lined up alongside Michael Walters on the first rebound but pivoted through several Dockers attacking means. So classy and shrewd with the ball he uses the half defender, constantly preparing his teammates. 7

10. Scott Pendlebury

Match no. 357 started as if it were game no. 157. He had 11 eliminations, eight disputed possessions and two removals in the first quarter alone. He still absolutely flying at 34. 8

14. Darcy Cameron

He competed hard in the ruck but did not have the influence that the center striker would have liked. He suffered a couple of heavy blows to the face during the match and had to come to the bench to get attention. 5

22. Bottom of Steele

The whole class as usual, going 100% with their feet and making smart decisions with the ball in hand. 7

25. Jack Crisp

In stunning form, regularly cutting sides of the opposition. A formidable elimination quarter to eight, which pushes the Pies forward by exploding the stops and patrolling the central corridor. Finished with a couple of goals and among the first in the standings on the ground. 9

28. Nathan Murphy

He played as the third tall defender, so he was often ready to leave his man. It has been a great addition to this side over the course of the year. 5

30. Darcy Moore

As safe as the back houses. She barely did a blue all night. He started on Rory Lobb, but stayed as close to defensive goal as possible in a role similar to Steven May’s. He had his excellent final over Tom Hawkins seven days earlier. 7

31. Beau McCreery

He applied tremendous defensive pressure early on to help set the tone for his club. 5

32. Will Hoskin-Elliott

He could have had a great night if he shot straight, with his kicks on goal well off the radar. Started 0.3. 5

33. Jack Ginnivan

There is no stage too big for him. The perfect start, scoring the first goal of the match: the third time this season he scored the first goal of the match. Then he conjured a goal out of thin air in tight traffic in the third term. He ended up with three goals and looked dangerous every time the ball went in his direction. 7

35. Nick Daicos

He seemed to run into a Sam Switkowski defensive tag. He didn’t upset him at all, using the ball efficiently as he casually prepared the Pies all night long. He walked 81 percent. 8

37. Brayden Maynard

He started the game in the opening rebound center, then moved on to defense where he played on several Dockers forwards. He looked propitious in the first trimester but was out on the ground or most of the night. 6

38. Jeremy Howe

Clearly he has had more interceptions than any other player on the ground. He caught Griffin Logue on the first rebound but also had time on other Dockers forwards like Rory Lobb. He consistently put himself in the right spots to win the ball back for the Pies, while he also placed a couple of goal-saving tackles. 7

40. Ash Johnson

The definition of ‘almost night’. She could have had a reel of jaw-dropping highlights if she kicked straight, finishing with 0.3. 5

41. Brody Mihocek

He had Alex Pearce for company. He gained his confidence early with a set-shot spurt for Collingwood’s second goal, then added a second in the third term. Surprisingly, seven of his nine disposals ended up in Collingwood’s scores. 7

45. Josh Carmichael

The unused medical submarine. N / A

46. ​​Mason Cox

Perhaps the best thing about Cox this year was how rarely he was beaten in the air, which was on display against the Dockers. He was in party mode in the last quarter, which included kicking the seal hunter early in the term – his 100th goal in AFL – then a fantastic contested score in the final two minutes that sparked crazy scenes in the stands. 7

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