Live: Queen Elizabeth II's body will be transferred from Balmoral to Edinburgh

Live: Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be transferred from Balmoral to Edinburgh

Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be transferred from Balmoral to her official residence in Scotland, Holyrood Palace.

Several streets have been closed across Edinburgh and bollards have been installed to check on the thousands of people who are expected to arrive to greet her on Sunday.

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By Bridget Judd

“These are processes we haven’t seen for 70 years”

The ABCs Nour Haydar reports from outside the Government Building in Canberra, where the Governor General will issue the proclamation.

He says these are trials “that we haven’t seen for 70 years, not since 1952, when the queen began her reign.”

A woman in a black jacket with brown hair reports live from outside the Government Building in Canberra.

“Essentially this replicates some of the trials we have seen taking place in the UK overnight, officially recognizing Charles III as the new monarch.

“From there, the members of the Federal Executive Council will make their way to the Parliament. It is a short drive from the Government Building to the Parliament Building, and on the forecourt of the Parliament, the Governor General will make this public announcement.

“This will be open to members of the public. You will not need an invitation to attend if you wish to witness this historic moment, and that will be followed by a 21-gun salute on the forecourt of the Parliament.”

By Bridget Judd

Here’s how today’s official proclamation will work

The Governor General of Australia will do so today officially proclaim King Charles III as Australia’s new head of state.

Sir David Hurley will make the proclamation at the Canberra Parliament as part of a formal half-hour ceremony.

It will be there first time a notice has been read at the current Australian Parliament.

  • The ceremony will include a band performing the Australian anthem and God Save the King, a version of the British national anthem not heard in 70 years
  • There will also be a rural and indigenous welcome spiritual dance before the ceremony concludes with a 21-gun salute at 12:30 AEST

The national flag will be temporarily waved in full mast before being lowered to half mast.

You can read more from the political journalist Nicole Hegarty.

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King Charles puts aside personal causes as a monarch, says a veteran reporter

Veteran reporter Peter Riddell says Charles has indicated he will put aside his personal political causes as king.

“One of the interesting things about the new King, the King Charles broadcast … was how he said some of the interests he had as a Prince of Wales, particularly in the environment and environmental issues and so on …

“He wasn’t referring to them specifically, but now he says that some of the causes he has spent a lot of time on should be put aside, will have to be brought forward by other people.

“And he made specific reference to his constitutional role, which will limit what he says publicly.”

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Charles will have to put aside personal causes as king, says a reporter.

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When condolences (and job seekers) go to the wrong Prince William

Magazine of Prince William Living tells local news from Prince William County near Washington in the United States.

But his website is also understandable one of the first to appear (along with the royal website) in a Google search for “contact Prince William”.

The result was a small flood of phone calls and emails with condolences, sketches, poems, requests – also an offer to make a drape of the coffin – pour into the small offices of the magazine.

Publisher Rebecca Barnes says they are receiving information 40 messages per day from all over the world, including one of a man who sent a message to ask if he could be the next king of England.

“Who am I to stand in the way,” says Barnes.

“I answered and asked him to submit a question.”


By Bridget Judd

Queen Elizabeth II “came to sympathize with the Queenslanders and show that she really cared”

The Government House in Brisbane will also hold a public ceremony this afternoon to proclaim King Charles the Third as The new ruler of Queensland.

The ceremony will be repeated in 15 Commonwealth countries.

More than 500 people visited the Government Building in Brisbane to pay their respects.

Queensland Governor Dr Jeannette Young says many shared memories of the Queen, who traveled to the state eight times, including in 2011, after the devastating Brisbane floods.

“She came to sympathize with the Queenslanders and to show that she really cared. I mean, that was just emblematic to her during her reign.”

The queen holds a bouquet of flowers and shakes hands with a young girl as she mingles with the crowd.
The Queen visited Brisbane in 2011.(Reuters: Daniel Munoz)

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Look back at last night’s proclamation at St James’s Palace

By Bridget Judd

The British Prime Minister will accompany King Charles on a tour to conduct mourning

British Prime Minister Liz Truss will accompany King Charles III on a four-nation tour of Britain to lead days of national mourning for his mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Ms. Truss swore allegiance to the new king in a special session in parliament on Saturday, and was among those in attendance when Charles was officially proclaimed the new king of Great Britain.

He later met King Charles along with other senior ministers at Buckingham Palace.

“In terms of the prime minister’s involvement, he will join the king as he spearheads national mourning across the UK, attending reflection services in Scotland on Monday afternoon, Northern Ireland on Tuesday and Wales on Friday,” a reporter spokesman said. .

By Bridget Judd

The journey that the royal procession will make from Balmoral to Edinburgh

A map shows Edinburgh, Holyroodhouse and St Giles' Cathedral in relation to each other.

Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin will travel today in a hearse from Balmoral Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Edinburgh.

The procession will travel from Balmoral on the A93 to Aberdeen, then North Deeside Road, Holburn Street and Great Southern Road past Duthie Park, and then to Dundee and Edinburgh via the A92 and A90.

There will be opportunities for the public to see the parade and pay their respects around 10am (around 7pm tonight, Australian time).

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Key event

King Charles III will be proclaimed the new ruler of Australia today

He will be proclaimed King Charles III The new ruler of Australia today by the Governor General, David Hurley.

The Governor General will chair a special meeting of the Federal Executive Council at the Government Building a 11:00 am.

A ceremony will also be held outside Parliament Building in Sydney to half past twelveby public transport which will be free until midnight.

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The Queen of Denmark keeps a minute’s silence for “imposing figure among European monarchs”

Queen Margrethe of Denmark previously described the late Queen Elizabeth II as “an imposing figure among European monarchs and a great source of inspiration to us all”.

“We will miss him terribly.”

In Denmark, celebrations for the 50th Jubilee of the Queen’s accession to the throne were scheduled this weekend, although the event was scaled down in light of the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

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Prince William and Prince Harry greet benefactors outside Windsor Castle

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Princes William and Harry greet benefactors outside Windsor Castle

Prince William and his brother, Harry, received a warm welcome overnight when they met with benefactors outside Windsor Castle in London.

The couple, along with wives Kate and Meghan, emerged to see the many cards and bouquets left by the mourners.

This woman, who spoke to Prince Harry, says it was a wonderful experience.

“It was so good to see all four of them together and yes, it was great. It was a real surprise to see them, wasn’t it? It was great.

“We came to lay our flowers. We weren’t expecting anything like that. And he said he’d make sure the flowers got to where they needed to be. Really very cute. He was so adorable.”

By Bridget Judd

Key event

What happened during the night? We keep you up to date

While Australians slept, a lot was happening in the UK.

We update you this morning:

  • King Charles III was formally proclaimed the new monarch of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth

  • Prince William And Prince Harry they made their first public appearances after the queen’s death, joining their wives Catherine And Megan to greet supporters outside Windsor Castle

  • The The queen’s funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey on Monday 19th September

  • Before the state funeral, the queen will rest in the state Westminster Hall for four days, to allow the public to pay tribute

By Bridget Judd

Key event

Thousands of people are expected to show up to greet the Queen in Scotland

A note is placed with flowers left in homage, after the death of Queen Elizabeth of England, to Ballater,

Good morning. Queen Elizabeth II’s body will be transferred from Balmoral to her official residence in Scotland.

Several streets have been closed across Edinburgh and bollards have been installed to control the thousands of people who are expected to greet her on Sunday.

A procession will take place on the Royal Mile in central Edinburgh on Monday as the Queen moves to St Giles’ Cathedral.

He will rest for 24 hours in the Cathedral, where the public will be invited to see his coffin and pay their respects.

Stay with us this morning as we bring you the latest news and analytics from around the world.

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