Steam Deck May Be The Best Way To Play Disney Dreamlight Valley (With Some Tweaks)

Steam Deck might be the best way to play Disney Dreamlight Valley (with some tweaks)

The recently released cross-platform life simulator, Valley of Dreamsand a little Animal crossinga bit Stardew Valleyand a lot of Disney. It’s also the type of game you might want to play while watching a TV show, multitasking with a handheld console. But while it came out on the Switch, that version isn’t great. Luckily, Valley of Dreams works great on Steam Deck with some tweaks. Be prepared to load your Steam Deck before playing.

Don’t worry about what Steam says, it works

Steam currently lists Valley of Dreamscompatibility with Steam Deck as “Unknown”, which is not surprising. This means that the game has yet to be reviewed by Valve for compatibility. Now, a question mark and the lack of a verified tick might scare you, but don’t worry. After playing Valley of Dreams for a few hours on Valve’s adorable laptop, I found the experience on par with most other playable and verified titles.

However, you may need to modify the library filters to actually find and install it. Just change the filter using the X button and change it to show all games, even unknown and unsupported. You should therefore be able to see Valley of Dreamsassuming you own it.

With a few tweaks, this is a great way to play

Valley of Dreams on Steam Deck it’s an ok experience right out of the box, but with a few tweaks you can greatly improve the way you play. Before any changes, the game runs at some sort of stable 60fps. It’s playable, sure, but it can be improved upon.

First, change the resolution to 1280 × 720 (Dream light does not support the native 1280×800 of the Deck). Leave it at 60Hz and reduce all graphics settings to medium. Don’t mess with the display mode setting, as when I did it would freeze the game on the Steam Deck every time. But, with these settings, you will notice a nice improvement in framerate stability. You can also reduce the texture quality from default to low, as the Deck’s small screen does a good job of hiding the drop in quality. But in my time with the game, it wasn’t a necessary tweak.

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Once you have Valley of Dreams by spinning well on the Steam Deck, you can also take advantage of the touchscreen, which allows you to easily move items in your inventory and chests. If you’re like me and love to rearrange these spaces frequently, playing on the Steam Deck is great compared to using a console controller. I find game inventory management time consuming and clunky on a gamepad, especially compared to a mouse or Deck touchscreen.

If you’re just logging in to check out the shop, do some mining, and plant a few more crops, the Steam Deck is perfect. Lately I’ve been spending an hour every night playing a little Valley of Dreams while you watch Task or random YouTube videos.

Please load your Steam Deck carefully first

In my test of battery-draining games on the Steam Deck, Valley of Dreams not the worst offender, not even close. But he drains the Deck faster than I expected. I guess all the Disney magic doesn’t come for free, huh?

Using the settings I shared earlier and without changing the system battery settings, it appears that a fully charged Steam Deck can play for around two and a half or three hours depending on what you do in the game. Of course, setting changes can affect battery life, but don’t expect much more than three hours.

In short, with a few minor changes, Valley of Dreams it’s great on the deck. In fact, it just might be the best way to play this new slice of life game, especially if you’re someone who likes to multitask or prefer to chill out on the patio while gaming. Just make sure you load your Deck first.

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