Jabra’s Elite 5 ANC True Wireless in-ear headphones are a bargain for your ears

The Jabra Elite 5 ANC True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are a bargain for your ears

The new Jabra Elite 5 in-ear headphones offer True Wireless and ANC at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

For years, Jabra has been offering quality earbuds ranging from cheap bargains to high-end heroes. The latest version of their ever-growing lineup is the Elite 5. Launched in the mid-range, the Elite 5s offer very affordable ANC, without sacrificing audio quality.

If you haven’t had the pleasure, the joy of ANC – Active Noise Cancellation – is that with a few tech tricks you can enjoy your sound while blocking the noises of the world outside your ears. In this case it is the “hybrid” form of the Jabra process, which uses feedback microphones inside the ear and feedforward microphones on the outside, all combined to work their magic. It also means they are able to do their job without being so demanding on perfect in-ear placement – each has their own different comfort points.

These Jabra beauties are compact, but still pack 6mm speakers which, coupled with a range of audio-enhancing codecs, mean a lot more immersion in your sound than standard in-ear headphones.

Jabra Elite 5 ANC True Wireless in-ear headphones

When it comes time to interact with the world, Jabra’s six-microphone calling technology will let you speak loud and clear, no matter what you’re doing or any auditory distractions that may surround you, including that old nemesis of the outdoor caller. wind.

Sometimes you just have to connect to the real world, especially if you are mobile. With their “Hearthrough” technology, the Elite 5 only need a quick touch of a button to instantly hear what’s going on around you. When you’re done, tap again.

The built-in microphone array in the Elite 5 is also useful when you use your voice to talk to your favorite voice assistant – yes, hands-free help on the go! Why mess with your phone when you can do anything from making dinner, texting, or calling your friends without lifting a finger?

Jabra Elite 5 ANC True Wireless in-ear headphones

Connectivity is key and the Elite 5s don’t disappoint. They provide Bluetooth Multipoint connection, which allows you to stay connected to two different devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet, at the same time. They also speak the language of Google Fast Pair for Android users and Microsoft Swift Pair for those on Windows.

Battery life is also an important consideration when using the in-ear route, and Jabra is working on it. With ANC activated, expect up to seven hours of battery life in the buds, with another 21 waiting for your command inside the wireless charging case, also Qi certified. Did you get the timing wrong? Get a quick one hour power boost with just ten minutes of charging time. Plus, you can also continue listening in mono via one bud while the other is boosted!

“Battery life is also an important consideration when using the in-ear path and Jabra is working on it.”

Speaking of listening, all the technology at your fingertips in the world isn’t very useful without great comfort and, of course, great sound. The latter is pleasantly low and incredibly editable thanks to the Jabra Sound + app, which offers five bands of EQ to play with to get things right for you. And, if you can’t bother going that far in a rabbit hole, any of the handy presets should have you covered.

As for comfort, Jabra claims to have consulted a database of tens of thousands of unique ear scans, as well as providing us all Colonel Sanders with some “super secret statistical modeling methods”, when designing the Elite 5. They come with three sets of silicone ear gels included, ranging from small to medium to large, so the perfect fit should await everyone’s lugs.

Designed to deliver great sound, great features and great durability, including IP55 water and dust resistance, the Jabra Elite 5 ANC True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are well above their price and are now available in “Titanium Black” “or” Gold Beige “.

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