The carriages head for Des-ert Manly's sinking ship

The carriages head for Des-ert Manly’s sinking ship

Hasler will not stop if he is not convinced of the direction of the club and is not convinced that his players can thrive. He is 61, a two-time Premiership winner who has coached 458 games. He doesn’t need 100 hour weeks if it’s not fun.

If Hasler leaves – and it is a real possibility – it will create enormous uncertainty in an already nervous group. Some players will want to abandon ship and suddenly the club is going through a lengthy rebuilding process under a new manager with an owner looking to cash in on his investment. They could be overturned in a five-year rebuilding phase.


Evans above

There have been some interesting stories about the situation in Manly, focusing on Daly Cherry-Evans and Des Hasler, and their behavior in recent times.

The first was that DCE caused a rift, or was seen as aloof, because they got housing while the team was on the Sunshine Coast in Twin Waters.

Daly Cherry-Evans.

Daly Cherry-Evans.Credit:Getty Images

It’s true that he stayed in a larger and more updated version of the other players’ quarters, but that was at his expense. The NRL has offered two-bedroom units for families who have had to relocate for nearly four months. With three small children and a wife, Cherry-Evans decided to pay for a bigger seat next to Manly’s “pitch” to ensure a better family life so he could perform for the Eagles. Framing three kids in one room for months didn’t seem like a great idea for Cherry-Evans and his wife.

Nobody seemed to care last year when he led Manly to a top four finish and a preliminary final, all from a base within sight of his teammates.

Manly and the Roosters stood next to each other, and Cherry-Evans’ quarters were next to the tricolor football manager, who also has children up north. That dynamic worked well for both families.

The DCE was also accused of arguing with Jake Trbojevic. It would appear that they have never had a fight. They are not tight and differ on football issues, but not on a personal level. Not everyone wants to socialize with colleagues after work.

As for Hasler who locked Scott Penn out of the locker room, this is also a rotation to create tension and ignores the facts. The main part of the locker room is off limits to everyone except Hasler and the players when the manager addresses the team. It has always been like that. After addressing the team, Hasler had a 15-minute chat with Penn in an adjacent room.

For Pete’s sake

When Peter V’landys had lunch with the Queen in June, it was his sense of humor that won her over. They bounced off each other so much that she asked to stay in touch.

V’landys will need all of his undeniable charm as he is starting to belittle the club’s executives. V’landys’ joke at the start of his announcement about his stay in the grand final in Sydney did not suit some clubs well.

“We wanted to give it to a city that needs a big football event, that’s why we went to Melbourne … just kidding,” said V’landys. “Greetings Gil [McLachlan] if you are watching.

A powerful club boss said, “We don’t need the Benny Hill gags when we’re watching hundreds of millions of dollars in stadium deals go up in smoke.”

The wild card and the boss: NRL CEO Andrew Abdo and ARLC president Peter V'landys at the announcement of Sydney that it will host the grand finale.

The wild card and the boss: NRL CEO Andrew Abdo and ARLC president Peter V’landys at the announcement of Sydney that it will host the grand finale.Credit:Dean Sewell

V’landys is telling those close to him that he has a plan, especially when it comes to the next broadcast deal. He will not reveal anything and will not lie down.

The NRL is in dire need of a series of successful endings to divert attention from a disastrous month for headquarters. The game administrators have made some bewildering decisions and have lost hundreds of millions of dollars on the game.

Club bosses were seething that AFL secured the richest broadcast deal in Australian history this week: the $ 4.5 billion golden manna that dwarfs the NRL deal between $ 100 million and $ 170 million per year. It’s much needed funding that won’t go to the base league, players, clubs and the NRLW.

V’landys chose to renew TV rights deals as COVID-19 shut down much of the country without a tender. The clubs didn’t question that at the time, but they are now.

The club bosses are watching AFL, which waited for the code to fly high with crowds and record ratings, before opening offers to all comers. Nine Entertainment Co – owners of this title – strategically forced the price by participating in the late auction with a plan to show some games on Stan Sport. The result was an unexpected blow for the AFL, which secured higher bids from Channel Seven and Fox Sports.

It comes after the stadiums war with the NSW government, which resulted in the NRL losing suburban upgrades, as well as an Olympic stadium upgrade.

Clubs are wondering why the NRL went to war, possibly losing any future funding opportunities for the stadium.

The setbacks appear to have upset the headquarters, which has also led to some bad decisions related to the game. The demand to block thousands of fans by organizing the Penrith and Cronulla finals is unfathomable for an administration that constantly says to put fans first. In fact, V’landys used the same line – putting fans first – when he decided to let Taylan May serve a two-week ban early next year, rather than during the finals. It is a dangerous precedent, which will return to bite the leaders of the game.

It must never be forgotten that V’landys was by far the best sports administrator during the COVID emergency. The game owes him this forever.

Pangai in combat form

Tevita Pangai jnr spent three hours with Bulldogs manager Cameron Ciraldo last week, vowing to be responsible for every part of her life.

Pangai spent time with Ciraldo at Penrith last year and felt comfortable seeking him out for a meeting to discuss his commitment to the Bulldogs and his desire to succeed. Pangai told Ciraldo that he wants to achieve fitness and training goals like never before.

Pangai was at the announcement of the meeting between Sonny Bill Williams and Mark Hunt on Thursday and it seems likely that he will be on the undercard. The Bulldogs won’t hinder him because they think training with SBW will do them good. This means that it is highly unlikely that Pangai will go to the World Cup with Tonga. A fit and fired Pangai could be the X factor that gets the Bulldogs into the top eight.

James Tedesco and Joseph Suaalii.

James Tedesco and Joseph Suaalii.Credit:Getty

Ted, white and blue

James Tedesco, the waiting Kangaroos captain, happily shares his knowledge as a full-back with Roosters teammate Joseph Suaalii and says the 19-year-old will come time to move out of the wing.

The Roosters were angered by suggestions from Suaalii’s mentor Steve Nasteski that Tedesco should leave the club or risk losing Suaalii.


Nasteski, a successful art dealer, was very flattering to Tedesco and the # 1 superstar. 1 didn’t seem bothered by the comments at all. But he’s not ready to move on or move anytime soon.

“Joe still has a lot of time on his side,” Tedesco said. “But it is obvious that he has the ambition to play as a full-back. He asked me a lot of questions in the full-back video sessions we do. He asked me about the organization of the defense line and other things.

“He really wants to learn. I mean, he’s a good guy … and he’s doing a great job for us. He will probably be a great full-back or even a center. It really depends on him. He has the world at his feet ”.

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